Friday, 23 November 2012

Giorgio Armani Maestro Palette in Maestro 01

Giorgio Armani is the epitome of understated, chic elegance. The newly engineered quads, mirror this philosophy. They come in 8 understated neutrals that are great basics for any beauty lovers collection. They are based on the colours of nature found on the Italian coast, and have a transparent and layered effect. They have light Micro-fil silk powders which make the shades sheer but buildable and as tactile as Armani fabrics themselves.

I had a gap in my shadows that are grey and smokey, so I chose 01 Maestro. They come in a black, shiny, round compact, which also houses two double-sided sponge applicators. These are ok for initially patting the product onto the eye.

I found the shades to have a good mix of transparency, as seen in the two lightest shades, and good pigmentation , as in the darkest two. This makes the quad more interesting and as you can see from the
photograph, a sophisticated smokey eye is achieved by layering these shades. I winged the med-dark shade to create a more complex look. 

This palette would be good paired with Mac Ruby Woo or your favourite red lipstick.

Lashes compliments of Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Excess  Mascara

I am extremely happy with my purchase. Armani has really created some beautiful combinations - my other choice would have been 03 Pantelleria- a delicate combination of seafoam green, deep moss and iridescent tonal beiges.

What is your favourite Giorgio Armani product?

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