Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge When birds are singing......the best eyeshadows?

Fairly recently Zuneta has less 20% on the brand Rouge Bunny Rouge. I had to indulge as many blogs had adored this mysteriously indulgent brand. With it's origins in Russia, Rouge Bunny Rouge is no longer a 'best kept secret', but is emerging into the limelight with cult status. One might get confused when reading the whimsical copy about their products - but make no mistake, this brand has superior quality products that are technologically advanced fusing skincare benefits and makeup into top notch products.
I started with their Long- lasting eyeshadow singles curiously named 'when birds are singing...'. I finally settled on four neutral shades - Delicate Hummingbird, Unforgettable Oriole, Solstice Halcyon and Albaster Starling - and the whimsy continues......

L-R T-B Delicate Hummingbird, Unforgettable Oriole
Solstice Halcyon, Alabaster Starling
I barely had to touch the pan and my finger is enveloped in creamy iridescent colour. The texture of these shadows are exquisite to say the least. They are most comparable to my Addiction to Ayako eyeshadows. They are a velvety dream with intense pigmentation even for these neutral tones.
Delicate Hummingbird - muted plum with pink shimmer- iridescent
Solstice Halcyon - a mauve beige - other known as taupe- one of the best, see comparisons here
Unforgettable Oriole - metallic white gold - make me look like I have had 20 hrs sleep, brightens the eye area miraculously
Alabaster Starling - unfrosty metallic white with hints of silver and pink

L-R Alabaster Starling, Unforgettable Oriole, Solstice Halcyon,
Delicate Hummingbird.

I honestly cannot think of any cons, except for 'bring out more colours!'. These are long-wearing as they looked as fresh when I took it off as when applied hours earlier. They can be worn wet and with the RBR Aqua Primer (really wanting to try this for high impact effect.) They are also meant to to good for your lids, by staving off free radicals and promoting micro-circulation. I opted to buy these as singles, but some of the shades are available as refills for use in a 3 pan compact. Over time this would be a saving as they do cost less, but I do not think all shades are available yet. I loved all four shades I bought. As I said Rouge Bunny Rouge is available at Zuneta

What are your thoughts on Rouge Bunny Rouge?

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